The Pano-View 360° VR Camera

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The Bublix Pano-View VR Camera comes with a waterproof case capable of being submerged up to 30 meters in water. Also included with your purchase; a bicycle handlebar mount, pedestal mount, handle base, charging cable, tripod adapter, protective base, user Manuel, and a EXTRA 1200mh battery, for extra recording time.  Record in 4K Ultra HD protected by a scratch resistant film included, that will cover the entirety of the camera. With the waterproof case, take your camera up to 30 meters underwater and explore new worlds and relive them in your living room, bedroom, ANYWHERE! Show your friends your new stunt or record you next vacation. The Bublix Virtual Realtiy Camera connects to a unique App that you download either on Android or Apple devices. Once downloaded and connected with the built in WIFI within the camera & you can control almost every aspect of how you film. Use your smart device as a viewfinder to set up that perfect shot. View your recordings on your phone with your gyroscope or purchase a virtual reality headset and be immersed in 360 degree sound and visuals. Truly relive any moment you wish. Set up unique shots, edit, and upload to the internet for the world to see. The future is here. Experience 2020 Technology at an affordable price range.



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